California Horse Power Horse and Jockey

CA HORSE POWER/noun/hôrsˈ- pou(ə)r/ 

A unit of collective power equal to the 77,000 

workers who make up California’s horse industry.

California’s horse industry is powered by more than 77,000 workers across the state. Skilled workers in this specialized industry rely on their jobs to support their families and make ends meet. The horse industry also powers California’s economy, contributing $4.5 billion annually to communities across the state, including small businesses, restaurants, lodging accommodations and more .

Horse racing in California is not just historic, but one of the most unionized workforces in the state. These highly trained workers rely on these jobs for access to healthcare and stability for their families.

In addition to basic healthcare and a steady job, backstretch workers have access to mental health services and counseling programs they otherwise could not afford.

Horse Racing is working every day to maintain the safety of our horses and our workers. We are applying new reforms and technologies and remain committed to continued improvement, but we need your help.

Take Action

California’s legislators need to know more about who we are and how we help power California. 

We are running a petition to let legislators know that we care about the workers and the safety of the horses in California Horse Racing. Add your name today and stand with horse racing workers across the state. 

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